What They Say

Our family would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to your ID Willie Bu for his hard work. He has transformed a brand new looked to our existing 5 room flat house renovation which took 2 months to complete at a very tight schedule for our Hari Raya this year.

Willie is very warmth, reliable and responsible person. He made it so easy and comfortable for us to work with him. He presented lots of ideas and suggestions on how to save costs which made us even happier. He also made his effort to update us on the work progress. Overall we are very pleased and satisfied with the completion with minimal touching up work.

He has made us smiling all day and feels good every moment when we are at home. There is no hesitation to recommend him to any of our families, friends or anyone out there. Thank you once again for his job WELL DONE!!

Yours sincerely,
Hanita Sulaimi

Testimonial for Mr. Willie Bu

Before I engaged Willie, I had contacted many other IDs. I met up with some and even received quotations and proposals from them. Finally I chose to engage Willie. He was introduced to me by my housing agent, Mr. Gary Nambiar who was impressed by Willie’s work for his client. Willie’s initial proposal was way above my budget. However, he was not insistent on his proposal, like other IDs I hear of. Instead he tried to work within my budget, yet not compromising on the end product. I like Willie for several reasons.

First and foremost is his extremely good work attitude. By that I mean the great pride he takes in his work. He trusts his own creative ideas and is confident about how his ideas will turn out. This is important especially to someone like me, who has no sense of interior design and very little knowledge of renovation works. His confidence made me have confidence in him. Yet, Willie is also not pushy in the way some IDs insist on their ideas and throw in all the extras that inflate the final bill. Instead he tries to work within my budget and also to incorporate whatever ideas I have and to adjust his own ideas and proposal to accommodate my taste, my needs and my budget. What leaves the greatest impression on me is Willie’s sense of responsibility.

He treats the assignment as if he were designing his own house. I was struck by his meticulous attention to details. He would run his palm across the wall to make sure that the wall was plastered evenly and stoop down to check that the parquet floor and marble floor were lacquered and polished smoothly respectively. He even rolled up his pants to mop and clean up after his workers and tried always to meet requests by his client. Willie is also sensitive to the likes and dislikes of the client. After just conversing with me and my children, he was able to perceive our preferences in areas which were not even discussed, and suggested ideas which were suitable for each of our rooms.

For such a young man, he is really driven, hardworking, sensitive and completely responsible. His yard stick of acceptable work is “if I can’t even accept the work, how can I expect my client to accept it?”

With Willie, a client can be assured that he will give his best.

Madam Yeo